September 2015 – Several Colorado-based liquor stores were in need of a POS solution that would help free up counter space as well as speed up transactions for the beer and wine industries, and they both looked to Denver based TigerPOS for the next generation POS solutions. The Grape Leaf Wine & Spirits in Denver, CO, serves specialty wines, beer, and spirits all with great customer service and low price, and the staff has a vast knowledge on wines from all over the world and can give recommendations to fit any budget. Powers Liquor Mart has been bringing the best value, experience and customer service in Colorado Springs since it opened in 2003. They provide an inviting and knowledgeable environment that their loyal customers enjoy during every visit. They offer specials as well as regular wine tastings and events on a weekly basis.

Like most retail locations, counter space is incredibly valuable. It can provide extra space for promotions, advertisements, and even additional product placement. Many times, a compact point-of-sale solution is the best way to help consolidate that space. For both locations, the Pioneer POS S-Line was the perfect solution. With its all-in-one design, the S-Line saves space, reduces cable clutter and helps generate additional revenue as a result. Its compact design includes an integrated EPSON thermal receipt printer with a flexible design that allows both the replacement paper and the printer itself to be replaced very easily. It is powered by Intel’s Atom, up to 4th Generation of CORE i7 and runs most Windows operating systems. The S-Line comes in 12”, 15”, and 17” designs to fit any specification and has a wide range of integrated peripheral options including a magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner.

Pioneer POS teamed up with TigerPOS, experts in POS software solutions for the liquor store and wine industries, and “develop software by store owners for store owners”. The TigerPOS software provides a user-friendly interface, customer loyalty and gift card support, detailed reporting, age verification, and a host of other features that specifically meet many of the needs of these industries that would otherwise not be included in typical POS software.

Both stores had limited space and were using separate tower units, printers and monitors. Since the install, efficiency has been increased and they have been able to use more counter space for the promotion of products which, in turn, makes them more money. Seneca Murphy, Manager at Grape Leaf said, “Now I have a place to put my shooters, and the sales of those products have picked up.” In addition to the saved space, both stores recognized the increased value of fast and easy order processing. In particular, the placement of both the card reader and printer on the unit was very beneficial. Additionally, there are now fewer wires to run.

Overall, the install of an all-in-one unit took about half the time it would normally take to install separate components individually. Training was very simple since the operators had used similar printers previously, and now only one unit would need to be powered on to get up-and-running for the day’s transactions. After installation, both stores were able to go live with their product the same day. We can be confident that this solution is a perfect fit for these locations after following up with them after a year and a half of service time with no problems.


About Pioneer POS

Pioneer POS Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of industry-specific all in one computers, touch screen monitors, kiosks, and tablets. Founded in 1994 and based in California, Pioneer POS manufactures its solutions from start to finish in the USA which are deployed in Retail, Hospitality, Factory Automation, Gaming, and Healthcare environments. Pioneer POS has built an exceptional reputation with its customers and solution partners for superior flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs including short lead times, long product life cycles (minimum of 5 years), easy customization, and quick turnaround. Pioneer POS sells through qualified technology resellers throughout the US and globally.

About TigerPOS

TigerPOS is a point of sale solution created specifically for liquor and wine retailers. Because of its user-friendly interface, it requires very minimal training. Transaction errors are reduced and cashiers become more efficient in their daily workflow. TigerPOS delivers an integrated suite with point of sale, inventory management, customer management and retail accounting.