New EMV Technology Helps Texas Jasmine ‘Bloom’

Date Posted: March 13, 2017   /   Category: Case Studies |
Market: Hospitality
New EMV Technology Helps Texas Jasmine ‘Bloom’

Chances are, if you’re the owner of an independence convenience store or grocery store in Texas, Texas Jasmine is the leading wholesaler you turn to for your affordable, quality products.  The Houston-based wholesaler has been providing a wide variety of unique products to their customers since 1992.

When the EMV liability shift was put into place, Texas Jasmine, like many other companies, needed to upgrade their technology so they could accept EMV transactions and avoid chargebacks from disputed credit card transactions.  They also wanted to give their environment an updated look and have more efficiency with their daily sales and processes.

So Texas Jasmine partnered with the Texas office of AM/PM Service®, a full-service POS solutions provider and independent VAR, for this technology upgrade.

“Due to the fact that the customer had 15 lanes and around 10 workstations as well as many customer software customizations created by the customer within the software, we developed a lab environment in order to ensure that we were able to replicate the current process’ and iron out any potential issues before going live,” explained AM/PM Service Sales Executive Jeremiah Tjarks.  “The lab took 3 months to complete testing and ironing out customizations, and then we went live.”

The installation included 15 Pioneer CYPRUS all-in-one terminals, 15 Verifone MX915 payment terminals, and the most recent LOC Software version with a deployed EMV solution.

The 15-inch, versatile CYPRUS all-in-ones were particularly suited for Texas Jasmine since the software was more responsive on them than the previous hardware and significant counterspace was saved by using all-in-ones instead of multiple pieces of hardware.  The LOC software, meanwhile, continued to identify ways to improve profitability, productivity, and eliminate fraudulent chargebacks.

Now, Texas Jasmine has the upgraded technology they need to serve their customers in today’s EMV environment and provide the exceptional customer service they’re known for.

Texas Jasmine AM/PM Service Pioneer hardware installation photo

Texas Jasmine AM/PM Service Pioneer hardware installation photo

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