November 2013 – For almost 60 years, Pizza Hut has been synonymous in the United States as one of the pioneers in fast food and quick service, essentially bringing pizza and Italian food to the masses at a low price point that everyone could enjoy. Almost thirty years after their first pizza shop was opened in Wichita, Kansas in 1958 by the Carney brothers (using second-hand pizza equipment), Pizza Hut’s reach has crossed the Pacific to Taiwan where they opened their first franchise in 1986. Fast forward almost another 30 years after aggressive expansion and Pizza Hut now has over 11,000 locations employing 140,000 people in 88 countries serving over one million pizzas on a daily basis. Pizza Hut Taiwan offers American and local Taiwanese fare serving New York or Chicago style crusts topped with takoyaki, sizzling beef and spicy pork kimchi, crab, and abalone. To stay at the forefront of the competitive quick serve restaurant landscape in Southeast Asia, Pizza Hut Taiwan required a hardware refresh of about 300 POS hardware terminals across the restaurant chain. Mr. Kelvin Wu, Country Manager at Pointsoft Taiwan, Ltd. helped “systematize Pizza Huts restaurant operational processes,” with the help of Pioneer POS and their rugged and dependable Stealth-M5 and M7 touchscreens computers.

Pointsoft Taiwan has helped numerous Taiwanese companies with their POS needs, and have partnered with Pioneer POS on numerous installations for companies such as the Skylark Taiwan Group, Saizeriya Taiwan, and the Brother Hotel just to name a few. When Pizza Hut Taiwan partnered with Kelvin and Pointsoft’s dependable software suite, the Pioneer POS StealthTouch-M5 and M7 terminals were exactly what Pizza Hut was looking for. Kelvin said that “in the restaurant industry, speed of service is most important, so we built the software to be specifically tailored to the fast food industry which demands software that is easy to learn, operate, and maintain. With Pointsoft, you can easily choose and manipulate reports from a single screen, and our software offers almost unlimited functionality from internet disconnection recovery, dual screen support, cash register drawer assignment and package control, timekeeping, cash management, billing cancellation authority, dual cash drawer functionality and loss control. At Pointsoft, we understand your needs.”  Implemented with the Pioneer POS M5 and M7 touchscreen terminals, Pizza Hut now has a dependable all-in-one touchcomputer to run their front counter and kitchen operations. Connectivity consists of Intel 10/100/1000 BaseT network, 6 USB, 4 Serials, and 24-volts powered USB for devices such as a printer. The Pioneer POS Stealth lines versatile design can be configured to meet any application requirement Pizza Hut throws at it.

With the Pointsoft-Pioneer POS partnership, “the basic technology function the Pointsoft software handles for Pizza Hut are the kitchen display systems (KDS), online web orders, membership, coupon fulfillment, as well as EasyCard functionality that is so prominent”, said Kelvin. Pointsoft has also helped Pizza Hut continue to be at the forefront of the ever-changing POS industry, combined with the Stealth series terminals they can use M5 and M7 to meet their most demanding applications. For the Pizza Hut’s kitchen operation, Kelvin installed the StealthTouch-M7. The StealthTouch-M7 has a larger 17″ display with spill-proof rugged enclosure, a perfect fit for the Pizza Hut’s demanding operation in their kitchens.

Kelvin was happy to say that Pointsoft Taiwan and Pioneer POS were definitely the perfect POS solution for Pizza Hut, because it “meets the user’s needs, improves productivity and competitiveness”, and helps build trust in maintaining Pizza Hut Taiwan’s core values of the “right people, business growth (enterprise), vitality and power (energy), and performance.” Overall, Kelvin said that the installation for Pizza Hut Taiwan “took just about six months, and they were up and live across the system in the same timeframe of 1-6 months as the installation was ongoing.” Kelvin concluded that the “Pioneer POS components have exceeded expectations and improved efficiency while increasing profitability, all while meeting Pizza Huts internal operational processes, the required need for quick implementation, and completing their management system.”

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