April 2013 – On April 8th, 1881 the Sanseido Bookstore in Tokyo, Japan opened its doors. At that time Japan was in the middle of swift cultural change, and the country was taking steps to modernize by absorbing knowledge from both Western cultures and social/education systems. The importance of this cultural exchange pushed to the forefront the ease of sharing ideas with the proliferation of publishing houses thanks to new technologies allowing for the mass printing of books, dictionaries, and other printed materials. One person who was at the doorstep of this movement was the founder of Sanseido Bookstores, Tadakazu Kamei. Since then Sanseido Bookstores, Ltd. has continually modernized its technology offerings to the wants and needs of its customer base stay in front of an ever-shifting technology landscape. Flash forward to present day, and Sanseido called upon the help of bookstore software leader Pointsoft Japan Limited and Pioneer POS hardware to form a partnership for a POS installation of epic proportions. By helping upgrade Sanseido’s POS systems in bookstore locations across Japan; Pointsoft has helped Sanseido Bookstores continue to be at the forefront of an ever-changing technology landscape in the digital age.

Pointsoft Japan’s bookstore system software was integrated with the Pioneer POS hardware terminals to help Sanseido update almost 40 bookstore locations with multiple terminals per store across Japan, totaling almost 200 in all of the 12” and 15” Pioneer POS S-Line All-in-One terminals with integrated EPSON® thermal receipt printers. The S-Lines primary function for Sanseido was for customer service and inventory management within the bookstores, as well as issuing credit vouchers to customers. Each terminal can be used immediately with intuitive touchscreen software functionality that Pointsoft Japan has always been known for. With security encoded convenience, users can also create customized reporting using the most detailed sales data, instantly creating any report required that is easy to use and can be managed from anywhere at any time, even off-site. Not only is the Pointsoft easy to use but the Pioneer POS all-in-ones “are rugged, reliable, and designed with a longer shelf-life. This is an important factor with our international software partners like Pointsoft Japan, especially in the broad base retail”, said Gee Singgih, Vice President of Pioneer POS.

Since Sanseido chose a solid hardware platform featuring Pioneer POS all-in-one touch computers, Pointsoft Japan software can offer complete POS solutions such as Pointsoft’s POS systems satellite terminal with web intelligence. Any failure in the system can be recovered and the database is immediately restored. The software package is exceptionally streamlined for even the most novice end user, and the POS design and configuration supports customer relationship management systems (CRM), and is not affected by network failures. Helping restructure the Pointsoft features, the S-Line redefines the all-in-one design by integrating an EPSON® thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer. Its compact design allows easy setup (watch video) and saves precious counter space by reducing cable clutter. The printer has a quiet operation and prints a fast 250mm (9.8″) per second, and has an auto-cutter which helps reduce paper jams.

Mr. Naoji Nara, Managing Director of Pointsoft Japan, said “Slow processing is now improved. Guests do not need to be standing in lines awaiting their turn for paying anymore, and connecting with peripherals became easier and cashier space is neat and tidy now.” Replacing the paper is simple and works just like any standard thermal printer. The most exciting feature of the S-Line is the printer’s patented tool-less “slider” design allowing the printer to be easily replaced in the field in a matter of minutes without affecting the entire system (watch video).

Headquartered in the heart of downtown Tokyo, Sanseido Bookstores began from humble beginnings over 130 years ago selling used books, and since that time has seen and undergone revolutionary change regarding how books are read and published by the digitization in the information age. Pointsoft Japan and Pioneer POS are proud to have helped Sanseido keep up with their mission. With Pointsoft Japan’s revolutionary book store system, Mr. Naoji Nara concluded that Sanseido Bookstore’s training was so smooth, it only took “approximately 15 minutes per store staff for POS training”, and each Sanseido Bookstore was able to go live in “approximately 30 minutes for installing both the 12” and 15” S-Line terminals”. This truly is one success story that is ‘one for the books’!

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