December 2010 – Not long ago, management of 1sourcesupplies, a distributor of Web-based, automated inventory management and replenishment solutions headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, noted a need among the company’s customers for a better way to secure and track expensive manufacturing tools and supplies. To address this need, 1sourcesupplies partnered with PariTek, a business technology solutions provider also based in Memphis. The jointly developed end-product, dubbed Automated Parts Manager and distributed by 1sourcesupplies, fully satisfies customers’ requirements in part thanks to touchscreen technology from Pioneer POS.

Automated Parts Manager comprises a standard multi-drawer industrial tool cabinet, fitted with electromagnetic locks and connected to a Pioneer POS Stealth-M5 Touchcomputer running 1sourcesupplies’ AIM (Automated Inventory Management) software application. Other components of the solution include a Symbol LS2208 bar code scanner from Motorola USA.

“We looked at other touchscreen options, but chose the Pioneer POS model for its small footprint (15″ tall x 14.5″ wide) and bright 15″ display,” said Mike Doss, President/CEO of PariTek. Also working in the unit’s favor were its high degree of functionality, as well as its ability to remain operable despite heavy usage and environmental challenges (e.g., dirt and grime) common to manufacturing environments. Powered by Intel’s Atom and offering up to Core 2 processing, the touchcomputer runs most Windows operating systems and a wide range of integrated peripherals, including barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, biometric readers, and secondary displays. Expandability encompasses Gigabit network and four serial or six USB ports.

The touchcomputer acts as the linchpin of the Automated Parts Manager system, making it easy for manufacturing personnel to log in and select from an on-screen menu of tools and supplies contained in the cabinet. The software compares the request to a database of available inventory and job orders. If it is approved, the AIM software sends a signal to the appropriate drawer, triggering it to open while the correct drawer number simultaneously flashes on the screen. The drawer automatically closes and locks once the operator has removed the item(s) he or she needs.

In addition to providing a locked, controlled environment for tools and supplies, the solution helps to curb tool shrinkage and eliminate inventory outages by tracking tool receipts and “issues”, such as non-returns, and by automatically generating re-orders based on pre-set minimum/maximum levels for each item maintained in the cabinet. “Marrying” tool usage to work orders enables manufacturers to easily and accurately determine job costs, while reporting tools yield management “anytime, anywhere” access to tool/supply inventory and usage data.

The installation took approximately one to two days. The ease of operation, afforded by the user-friendly software and touchcomputer, kept training to less than four hours and rendered the system up and running within a week’s time.

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