November 2014 – Jordan Taylor & Co. is a furniture retailer with a 40,000 square foot showroom located just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and sells home décor, furnishings while also offering custom framing and curtains. Named after founder Dana Rector’s two sons, she wanted Jordan Taylor “to carry on the tradition of what she most celebrates in life – her family.” Harvey Marquis, Sales Executive at the Dallas based RITE (Retail Information Technology Enterprises) location who lead the installation for Jordan Taylor, said that “they had outdated and slow POS hardware, and RITE had the solution with a faster, more powerful, and compact hardware solution with Pioneer POS.” With the Pioneer POS 15″ S-Line with an integrated EPSON® printer and patented tool-less “slider” design, the hardware solution is second to none in quality and durability. Harvey continued that Jordan Taylor’s installation also included “Microsoft Dynamics RMS, and RITE replaced the old and outdated IBM computers that they had with the Pioneer POS terminals we highly recommended because they were sleeker and had more power than the almost decade-old units Jordan Taylor had previously used.”

About five years ago, an expansion called and the small boutique showroom in Southlake was opened “as a satellite store that has since become the focal point of Dana’s energy. After thirteen years of building her business, Dana refined Jordan Taylor’s purpose, ultimately seeking to make her store the perfect boutique furniture and accessory showroom.” Harvey said that “RITE’s installation of Microsoft Dynamics RMS gives Jordan Taylor store a clean instance of Windows 7 and the security and features they needed to run their business. Having a streamlined POS system where the hardware matches the performance of the software provides a complete system to handle any of the customers POS needs.” Harvey went on to say that “Pioneer POS’s All-in-One S-Lines with Windows 7 Professional were purchased, and the old units were running on Windows XP and were nearing the end of life of support. We wanted and needed a faster machine to do their everyday orders and processing.” Harvey was able to easily meet the POS goals of Dana and Jordan Taylor & Co. with Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Pioneer POS.

“With the installation involving the breakdown of the old POS units, setup and reconfiguration of the POS software took just over four hours. During our short training session we covered where different peripherals and attachments were to be implemented, and that was completed in just under an hour,” Harvey said. Since they had multiple registers, only one terminal was down at a time so they never were down for business, and the installation was completed during business hours as well. Now with the latest cutting-edge POS software and hardware in the market, Jordan Taylor now can say they have just about anything you are looking for. Harvey was happy to say that “This solution that they received exceeded their expectations of any new POS system on the market. This was primarily because of the transition from Windows XP powered machine to the newer Pioneers with Windows 7, and the unbeatable three years advanced replacement warranty.”

Harvey concluded that “having an integrated MSR, touchscreen, and built-in printer helped with counter space limitations that the customer had. Pioneer’s faster processor helped with speedy transactions and quicker credit cards processing through Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Based off of saving about ten hours a week with the new POS solution, the expected ROI looks to be just over 40% in less than a year for Dana and Jordan Taylor where they would make a return on the amount that they initially spent for the product.” It looks like Jordan Taylor & Co.’s mantra of “striving to create a truly unique shopping experience for our customers, and our desire is to share a piece of our story with you, so that together we can celebrate the home, family, and life,” will continue on for decades! Another great success story for Pioneer POS!


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