Emory University, a growing university located on over 600 acres, needed a solution to manage over 120,000 pieces of mail and packages delivered annually to students, faculty, and associated private entities located on campus. Too often delivery times were late and packages went missing resulting in low customer satisfaction. In addition, multiple vendors provide package delivery services to the campus which made establishing accountability difficult.

To solve these issues, Emory University elected to use the IKON TRAC Solution powered by iOffice and Pioneer POS’s StealthKiosk to provide a single portal for controlling mail distribution and providing chain of custody information for packages.  This solution enabled their primary mail distribution center, the Dobbs University Center (DUC), to automate the receipt, retrieval, delivery, and tracking of packages and log this data electronically so that it can accessed via back office computer or through a customer-facing touch screen kiosk.  Each package is scanned and the package tracking number, sender and recipient are entered into the centralized system.  Once this information is uploaded, packages are ready for delivery or pick-up.

Students and faculty then receive email notification, alerting them that a package is in the mail center under their name. To streamline package delivery, recipients log into IKON TRAC software through a 17” kiosk from Pioneer POS Inc. The StealthKiosk comes standard with an integrated magnetic stripe reader, so students or faculty can simply swipe their school ID card to start the retrieval process. The kiosk will then identify for the recipient how many packages are at the DUC for them and ask if they want to pick up the package now or schedule a pick up time for a later date.

When the recipient identifies they want to pick up the package now, mail room personnel are notified in real-time via a pick ticket that identifies how many packages and where they are located within the facility. When recipients arrive at the pick-up window, their packages are waiting at the window for immediate delivery.

The Results

Prior to the use of IKON TRAC kiosk-based solution, standard wait times for packages at the DUC ranged anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to days or months to resolve lost or missing packages. After implementing this mailroom solution, the average wait time from the swiping of the ID card at the kiosk to the delivery of the package at the pick-up window was reduced to 2.5 minutes.

To learn more about this solution visit, http://www.pioneerpos.com/Industries-kiosk.php  or www.iofficecorp.com.