May 2012 – Pioneer POS, announced that the Pioneer POS Stealth S-Line with built in Epson printer has been approved for use with Biztracker POS hospitality software.

Michael Flores, Business Development Director at Pioneer POS said that “Pioneer POS is excited to announce the certification of our S-Line all-in-one terminal with built in Epson printer for use with Biztracker POS software”. Michael also added that, “Both Biztracker and Pioneer POS offer state-of-the-art POS solutions. With a solid position in POS markets, our customers can trust they are getting quality from companies that have a solid track record with reliability.”

“We are excited that the S-Line has been certified for use with Biztracker POS retail software. The unit comes apart for easy field service and the hard drive is very easy to reach and replace”, said Jim Eldred, President of Seminole, Florida based Biztracker POS. “This unit supports dual video output for the rear customer LCD monitors used in both Retailer and Infinity”.  Jim went on to say, “The speed of the S-Line is excellent, as it comes standard when using the new 2012 SQL Database in Infinity”.

Jim concluded that along with a solid product, that Biztracker “found their website to be helpful with how-to videos, from setting up the unit to replacing the hard drive, something that we have not seen from other manufactures. They also have an impressive video on their website that shows the spill resistance of the S-Line unit that might be good to show an end user considering a 5 part solution.”

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Click here to download the certification.

About Pioneer POS

Pioneer POS Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of industry specific all in one computers, touch screen monitors, and kiosks. Founded in 1994 and based in California, Pioneer POS manufactures its solutions from start to finish in the USA which are deployed in Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, and Gaming applications. Pioneer POS has built an exceptional reputation with its customers and reseller partners for superior flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs including short lead times, long product life cycles (minimum of 5 years), easy customization, and quick turn around. Pioneer POS sells through qualified technology resellers throughout the US and globally.

About Biztracker POS

Biztracker POS is a division of ALLBiz Software, Inc., a Florida corporation started in 1997. Our mission is to develop and distribute superior point-of-sale, management information and transactional software to the general retailing industry. Biztracker Software’s product line offers users: traditional point-of-sale and management information features, coupled with proprietary features not found readily available in other systems.

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