iPad Charging Solutions



Available from Pioneer Solution

  • The next level of iPad charging and mounting for healthcare
  • Refined aesthetics
  • Flexible installation
  • Wireless charging
  • Adjustable mounting angle

Healthcare providers leverage iPads in a variety of different applications including point of care tracking, admittance, and resident/patient engagement/education.  IPORT’s suite of products help to keep these devices always charged and protected.  From protective cases that wirelessly charge, to antimicrobial, fixed-on wall enclosures, there is a solution for everyone.

IPORT LUXE is the ultimate expression of refined aesthetics in an iPad charger and mount. The system consists of a Case and Stations for charging on table-top or wall.

LuxePort allows iPad to blend into high end residential or communities with precision machined components that are finished by hand.  With premium features like a security locking system that allows for total lock down of Case and BaseStation to a table or wall, LuxePort performs in even the most demanding healthcare environments.

Hold, Charge and Protect iPad in refined aesthetics with LuxePort.


  • Sleek and lightweight inductive charging, protective case
  • Aesthetically refined and precision machined for high-end environments
  • Contains embedded Neodymium magnets for secure mounting to wall of any metallic surface
  • Premium features like a security locking system for complete lock down

Base Station

  • Magnetic table mount and inductive charger
  • Built-in Security Lock
  • Available in Black, Silver or White precision machined finish
  • Dimensions: Weight: 3.12 lbs., Height: 4.90″, Width: 5.10″, Depth: 6.00″

Wall Station

  • Magnetic wall mount and inductive charger
  • Works with all LUXE Sleeves
  • Available in Black, Silver or White
  • Dimensions: Weight: 0.43 lbs., Height: 3.37″, Width: 3.34″, Depth: 2.34″

Accessories: LUXE USB Charge Module, LUXE Wall Adaptor Kit and PoE Injector