iPad Charging Solutions



Available from Pioneer Solution

  • The world’s first and only inductive charger/magnetic mount for iPads
  • Consists of Sleeve and any number of Stations
  • Ensures your iPad is always charged and protected
  • Creates a home base for iPads

Healthcare providers leverage iPads in a variety of different applications including point of care tracking, admittance, and resident/patient engagement/education.  IPORT’s suite of products help to keep these devices always charged and protected.

The IPORT LAUNCH is the revolutionary charging and mounting system that forever changes how you can use iPads. The LAUNCH system consists of a Sleeve and any number of Stations.

The IPORT LAUNCH powers iPads via inductive charging.  As soon as a Sleeve is mounted to a Station, charging begins immediately, without wires or cables. Magnets are used to mount an iPad-in-Sleeve to a Station.  Because magnets are inside the Sleeve, you can also mount it to any metallic surface.

Use iPad while it charges on a wall, table, or virtually anywhere else without cables and without fuss. Elevate what an iPad can do with the IPORT LAUNCH.


  • Inductive charging, protective case
  • Built-in wave guide
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Contains embedded Neodymium magnets for secure mounting to wall of any metallic surface

Base Station

  • Magnetic table mount and inductive charger
  • Works with LaunchPort Sleeves
  • Available in Black or Silver
  • Dimensions: Weight: 3.6 lbs., Height: 4.46″, Width: 5.00″, Depth: 5.95″
  • Power: Input 110-240v AC, Output 15v 2 Amp

Wall Station

  • Magnetic wall mount and inductive charger
  • Works with all LaunchPort Sleeves
  • Available in White or Black
  • Dimensions: Weight: 0.61 lbs., Height: 4.9″, Width: 4.9″, Total Depth: 1.42″, Depth Off Wall: 0.41″
  • Power: Input 110-240v AC, Output 15v 2 Amp