Built for Healthcare

Built for Healthcare

Technology Built for Healthcare

We understand healthcare providers need robust, easy to use and easy to clean technology to withstand today's demanding workplace. With decades of experience in the industry, Pioneer has produced a line of touchscreen computers, tablets and carts that are built specifically for healthcare.

Built for documenting care services in real-time, built to streamline efficiencies and lower your total cost of ownership. Pioneer technology offers:

24/7 Mobile Computing | Infection Control Protection | HIPAA Privacy Compliance
End-User Delight | Device Longevity | Lower Cost of Ownership

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Medical Grade

  • Anti-microbial plastic improves infection control.
  • Sealed housing protects device against liquids and is easy to clean.
  • HIPAA privacy filter and hidden data ports offer greater data security.
  • Healthcare touchscreen works with all inputs incl. gloved hand.
  • Ruggedized mylar screen is shatterproof.
  • Advanced hot swappable battery systems mean 24/7 reliable mobile computing.


Consumer Grade

  • Soft, tactile plastics cannot tolerate bleach-based cleaners.
  • Open ports and keyboards are high risk for liquid damage in Healthcare environment.
  • No privacy filter and open data ports mean unwanted access to HIPAA sensitive data.
  • Consumer grade touchscreens have limited functionality and durability.
  • Consumer glass screens shatter easily.
  • Limited consumer battery life means constant charging and limited mobility.