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Pioneer Solution’s “Manufacturer’s Advertised Price” (MAP) Policy establishes the publicly advertised retail price for which products can be purchased. Pioneer Solution will establish standard MSRP pricings to set a consistent value for which product can be advertised in any public forum, web page, flyer, newspaper, or in printed material. This does not limit or restrict a reseller as to what price the product or products are sold for to the general public or another reseller. Resellers or any entities who sell to the public, who do not comply with this policy will not be certified to purchase or resell Pioneer Solution’s products. Pioneer Solution will publish MSRP as base pricings which may change periodically.

I agree to Pioneer Solution's Manufacturer's Advertised Price Policy: Date: Jan 29 2019

ACE Program

Version 1.2 - Oct 1, 2013

Pioneer Solution is proud to announce the ACE program. ACE is aimed at adding value and benefit to the professional reseller channel. Pioneer Solution recognizes the investment the resellers make to provide excellent sales, installation, support, and service to their customers. The ACE program rewards those resellers through enhanced services and programs to ensure the highest quality products and services are delivered to the customer. Pioneer Solution will also enforce a MAP (Manufacture's Advertised Price) policy based on the product's MSRP.

ACE Benefits

  1. Recognized and authorized Pioneer Solution reseller, with listing on Pioneer web site.
  2. Lead generation for your service area.
  3. Capability to do warranty work, with Pioneer Solution's support authorization.
  4. Evaluation terminals to test the latest products released.
  5. Marketing assistance for regional trade shows/events.
  6. Sales assistance by assigned Regional Director of Sales.
  7. Enhanced support assistance.
  8. Access to online configurator

Requirements for ACE participation

  1. Commitment to Pioneer Solution products.
  2. Clearly defined application solutions and/or services in core competency.
  3. Established market leadership
  4. Established marketing focus in core market.
  5. Annual volume and growth commitments.
  6. Established outside sales organization with a help desk and technical support group.

ACE procedure

  1. Complete the ACE form.
  2. Pioneer Solution will review and authorize your ACE number.
  3. When calling your distributor, please provide your ACE number to be put into your profile.

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