TeleMate Pro™
TeleMate Pro™

TeleMate Pro™

Modular Telehealth Cart

The TeleMate Pro™ was designed specifically for providing virtual healthcare in a post-COVID-19 world. This battery-powered modular cart is designed to run 24/7 without ever being plugged in. Providing care where and when you need it for virtual doctor visits, virtual rounding, and for family visitation.

Ergonomic and Hands Free

Focus on what really matters to you – communication, care, and connection with patients using virtual technology hands-free in any environment.

Modular and Mobile

Pioneer TeleMate ProTM can be easily configured to suit any telehealth application with: Medical Grade AIO, Hot Swappable Batteries, Camera, Microphone and Speakers.

Medical Grade Tough

Ruggedized, anti-microbial housings, screens that can withstand millions of touches and fully sealed to protect from dust and liquid spills. Pioneer technology is specifi- cally designed for a long life in Healthcare.

Cost Effective

All the results with a fraction of the cost. TeleMate ProTM will provide a full telehealth experience at a fraction of the cost offered by other companies.

TeleMate ProTM —Modular Telehealth Cart

  • Cart Height 68.7”
  • Cart Weight 35lbs
  • Cart Base 17.7” x 17.9”
  • Integrated cable management
  • Tip-Resistant with IEC 60601 compatibility
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 Quality protocols
  • Cart Certification: ISO 9001-2001, Quality Management System, Tip Resistant with IEC 60601
  • Extension Cord Sold Separately
  • Mobile AIO —22” Antimicrobial; 5 USB Ports, 2 Powered
  • Certifications: FCC A/ CE / EM60601, ISO 9001, IP64 Rated
  • High Definition Camera, Speaker and Microphone
  • 5 Yr Warranty Cart, 3 Yr Warranty Computer; 1 Year other


Part Numbers

Part # Description
Q11-TELE-201 TeleMate Pro, AIO, BAT, MBAY, Meetup Cam