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Mobile Tablet Cart

TeleMate™ Mobile Tablet Cart is designed for Telehealth in a post-COVID-19 world. The lighweight mobile tablet cart is sturdy, flexible, and affordable. TeleMate™ is a simple solution to enable family engagement, resident/patient communication, and virtaul doctor visits.

The TeleMate™ Mobile Tablet Cart is ideal as a lightweight, versatile cart within healthcare. The height and viewing angle of the tablet can be fully adjusted to suit. Attach any tablet to the TeleMate and you have an affordable solution for family/resident engagement, patient communication and virtual doctor visits.

With a min. warranty of 5 years for the cart, and many peripherals to choose from, all carts are built to your unique specifications and shipped from California, USA.

Ergonomic and Hands Free

Focus on what really matters to you—communication, care and connection with patients using table technology, hands -free in any environment.

Simply Configurable

Simply slide the Pioneer T3Plus medical-grade tablet or your existing tablet into the custom enclosure for a fully- functional mobile cart that supports Telehealth, Patient Engagement, Virtual Visitation and Clinician Documentation and more.

Modular and Adaptive

TeleMateTM mobile tablet carts are lightweight and durable. Easy to push and position with one hand. And, are designed to work with most major tablet brands including iPad, Galaxy and Surface.

Medical Grade Tough

Ruggedized, anti-microbial housings, screens that can with- stand millions of touches and fully-sealed to protect from dust and liquid spills. Pioneer technology is specifically designed for a long life in Healthcare.

Dimensions Height-adjustable articulating arm (44.4” – 55.4”), (adaptable sliders up to 9.3”x12.95”)
Weight 35 lbs
Security Lock 2 user keys (adaptable sliders up to 9.3”x12.95”); supports tablet weight up to 3.5lbs
Warranty 5 Yr Warranty Cart, 3 Yr Warranty Computer; 1 Year other