Medical Grade Computers

15″ Wall Mounted Touchscreen
15″ Wall Mounted Touchscreen

15″ Wall Mounted Touchscreen

Medical grade wall mounted touchscreen computer.

  • 15″ screen can withstand millions of touches
  • Backup battery
  • Enclosure contains advanced anti-microbial additive
  • Embedded HIPAA Privacy Filter
  • Configurable with many accessories

This 15″ medical grade wall mounted touchscreen computer with a backup battery is designed for any healthcare environment. Because it has a backup battery, if the power goes out in a medical facility, the battery will kick in to allow the facility’s backup generator enough time to kick in without shutting down the unit.

Its screen can withstand millions of touches and is built to protect against liquid spills and sprays. Its enclosure contains an advanced anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth and spread of surface micro-organisms and bacteria, and it can accommodate aggressive hospital grade cleaners without harming the screen and enclosure.

The embedded HIPAA Privacy Filter makes protecting patient data easier, allowing only the person standing directly in front of the screen to see the information while concealing views from other angles. The Privacy Filter is embedded behind the LCD screen, so there is neither wear nor interference with the touch functionality.

This wall mounted touchscreen can be configured with many accessories including: a wireless keyboard and mouse, badge reader, biometric reader, proximity reader, barcode scanner, and wireless network.