Medical Grade Computers

15″ Wall Mounted Touchscreen
15″ Wall Mounted Touchscreen

15″ Wall Mounted Touchscreen

Medical grade wall mounted touchscreen computer.

  • Compact and rugged all-in-one
  • Designed for healthcare industry
  • Screen can withstand millions of touches and is protected against liquid spills

The X5 is a compact and rugged all-in-one medical grade wall mounted touchscreen computer which is designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments. It is protected against liquid spills and can withstand millions of touches.

The X5 runs Intel’s latest Cedar View Dual Core Processor, which offers an exceptional performance at a great value. With a longer shelf life and serviceability, the X5 provides a great return on your investment.

Model X5 All-in-One
Display Size 15″, 1024 x 768
Touchscreen Resistive 5-wire
Spill-proof Yes
Processor Intel Atom Dual Core D2500 1.86GHz
Memory 2GB or 4GB
Storage Hard Drive, SSD, or Compact Flash
Operating System POS Ready 2009, XP Prof, POS ready 7, Win 7 Prof, Linux
Network Intel 10/100/1000 Base-T
WiFi Optional, Intel RF 802.1 a/g/n
USB 2.0 6
Serial Port 4
Parallel Port Optional
External VGA Optional
Speakers Optional
Power Supply 150W, AC 100-240V
Safety Standards FCC A, CE, UL
Warranty 3 year limited
Integrated Add-Ons MSR, Encrypted (E2E) MSR, Biometric, 2x 20 Display, 8? LCD