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Healthcare COMPUTING

Pioneer offers a suite of mobile technology products purpose-built for healthcare. Every product is designed to make it safer and easier to interact with patients, document in real-time at Point of Care, provide accurate Medication Management, and keep pace with the demanding workloads of nurses, and healthcare workers.

Discover how our cordless charging systems, tablets, mobile computers, workstations, and accessories can make your healthcare facility more productive, more mobile and safer.


Pioneer's healthcare products are made to work with you, not against you. Created using medical-grade materials, products are anti-microbial, cordless, durable, and reliable so they won’t run out of battery halfway through a shift or prove to be difficult to use. The result is untethered freedom and flexibility to do your job.


Compact, lightweight workstations make it easy to manoeuvre around patient rooms and through busy hallways and provide a secure foundation for more efficiently completing tasks and rounds.


Grab-and-Go cordless charging stations help to ensure tablets and mobile computers are charged and ready to use at all times and enable staff to work fully unencumbered.


Cordless charging systems and devices remove tripping hazards, making healthcare facilities safer for patients, staff, and visitors.


Discover how Pioneer's suite of mobile technology products provide everything you need to do your job without restriction and without risk. We work with you to build and deploy the best solution for your facility's specific requirements.

Cordless charging for Ipad

Base Station
Wall mount

LAUNCH is a revolutionary charging and mounting system that forever changes how you can use iPad for Point of Care. The LAUNCH system consists of a sleeve and any number of either wall or base stations. The sleeve magnetically fastens to the wall or base station and immediately charges the device without the need for cords. Wall stations can be mounted on any surface and built in locks keep tablets secure from theft in high traffic areas.

Mobile Workstations

Mobile Workstations with All in Ones (AIO) are compact, easy to manoeuvre, and consist of purpose-built, medical-grade mobile computers that allow clinicians to work more efficiently than when using a laptop. The Mobile AIO’s RXchange® hot-swappable battery system is also available on a Med Cart and provides 24/7 mobility, eliminating the need to plug in during a shift.

Medical-grade tablets

Pioneer ruggedized tablets with InCharge Power Management System help you work smarter and save valuable time! Simply dock the tablet to charge when not in use, then pick up and go on your rounds with up to 7-hours of battery life. The 10” hybrid tablet is built specifically for use in healthcare facilities and is perfect for Admissions/Registration, ADL tracking, Dining, Activities, and more.


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