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This form will assist you in returning your Pioneer Solution product. You will receive an RMA number and instructions on how to return your product. Do NOT return your product prior to receiving a valid RMA number. Packages without valid RMA numbers will be refused.

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RMA Terms

  1. RMA# is valid for 10 business days from the day RMA is approved.
  2. One RMA request is for one product at a time. If you need RMA's for multiple products, please complete a new form for each product.
  3. Complete form must be provided for immediate RMA process.
  4. RMA# must be placed on every package. Package without RMA# will be refused and returned at customer's expense. Improper packaging could result in the refusal of the RMA.
  5. Pioneer Solution is not responsible for peripherals attached to the unit that is not part of the RMA item. It is recommended to disconnect and remove unrelated items prior to shipment.
  6. Our standard method of shipping is UPS Ground.
  7. Warranty starts from the date of Pioneer Solution's original invoice. If you purchased from our distributor, please consult with them about their RMA policy.
  8. Since service procedure may involve reformatting hard drive, re-installing operating system, or deletion of files, Pioneer Solution is not responsible for any malfunction, crashes, deletion, or installation of customer's software/database.
  9. If product is out of warranty, there will be a minimum evaluation charge of $90 per system.
  10. If customer does not claim the product and paid all charges due within sixty (60) days after being notified by Pioneer Solution, Pioneer Solution will consider the product is abandoned. Pioneer Solution may dispose the customer product in accordance with applicable provisions of law. Pioneer Solution reserves its statutory and any other lawful liens for unpaid charges.

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