Since 2000, Broadtime has been enabling music stores to utilize technology to better market and sell media. Through the Broadtime Preview Platform, a music listening station designed to allow customers to listen to music in the store before purchasing it, users can select a song by title or artist or scan the barcode on a CD to select and listen to a tune. Built on a hardware platform featuring Pioneer POS all-in-one touch computers, the Broadtime Preview Platform integrates Broadtime’s Tuneportals software with a 17” StealthTouch-M7 all-in-one touch computer.

“Our company has been using Pioneer POS all-in-one touch computers for several years now as our preferred hardware platform,” stated, Jon Berger, CEO of Broadtime. “The reliability and flexibility of the product that can be configured to meet the unique needs of our installation base has been important to our success.”

Broadtime has used the Magnus XV-2 and StealthTouch-M7 all-in-one touch computers with a standard base and also in a wall mount configuration. Future plans include utilizing a variety of additional add-on options including the ability of the Pioneer POS touch computers to be configured as wireless stations.

“Pioneer POS touch screen equipment comes standard with a 3 year warranty and is serviceable for up to 5 years. This is an important factor for channel partners like Broadtime who deploy rollouts for mid to large size music store chains throughout the country,” commented Michael Flores, Director of Business Development for Pioneer POS.

Ideally suited for the independent record store market, the Broadtime Preview Platform is currently used by CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores), AIMS (Alliance for Independent Music Stores), Plan 9 Stores, and Music Monitor Stores among others.

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About Pioneer POS
Pioneer POS Inc., founded in 1994, is headquartered in California, with offices in Asia, and distributors worldwide. We focus on designing and supplying integrated/embedded touch screen solutions for various industries such as hospitality, retail, gaming, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and kiosk. Recognized as a 2009 Best Channel Vendor and 2009 Best Channel Product by Business Solutions Magazine, the Pioneer POS product line includes touch monitors, all-in-one touch systems, and kiosks that are available in 12″, 15″, and 17″ display sizes. Our products are designed to have a longer shelf-life (a minimum of 3 years) and service-ability (a minimum of 5 years).

About Broadtime
Broadtime founded in 2000, is a full service software provider of e-commerce websites, email marketing, and in store kiosks to retailers. Broadtime provides custom application development and content management solutions. Our music services support retailers and marketing networks across the country. Broadtime is proud to design and develop the website services for international Record Store Day.