In the healthcare industry, where there is increased pressure to minimize costs, comply with government regulations, and manage liability, healthcare organizations are looking to technology to provide efficient and accurate solutions to improve operational efficiency and patient care. Pioneer Solution manufactures medical grade touch screen solutions that are proven to meet and exceed industry standards, and seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise architecture to help you meet your toughest challenges. Designed with a variety of touch screen add-ons, our medical touch screen solutions can be configured to work with all leading touch technologies, giving users the ability to operate our units with a bare finger, rubber glove, or stylus.

Our all-in-one touch screen computers are often used for applications like point of care and mobile medical carts, and are often integrated with HIPAA-compliant applications like electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management software. To assist our customers to comply with HIPAA requirements, our touch screens offer a built-in privacy filter that will help protect patients’ sensitive information. The touch screen privacy filter allows only the person standing in front of the screen to see the information, and conceals them from other viewing angles.

Our medical touch screen monitors and all-in-one touch screen computers are built in an enclosure containing an anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth and spread of surface micro-organisms and bacteria. They are also protected against spills and liquids frequently encountered in healthcare environment when workers are trying to sterilize equipment with a disinfectant wipe or spray. Our touch screen solutions are used in doctor’s offices, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted living centers, and many other healthcare environments. Our healthcare touch screens and touch computers are built to improve accuracy and stability of operations in medical centers and private practice environments. Our health care touch screen products are commonly used for patient registration, point of care, point of payment, and HR/benefits applications.

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Healthcare Case Studies

Pioneer POS Flawless in Chicagoland Point-of-Care Facilities

October 2013 – Several long-term care facilities serving northern Chicago offer the industry’s most effective rehabilitation services, including one-on-one physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapies. They have also been recognized as national leaders in stroke recovery and post-hospital and orthopedic rehabilitation for almost four decades. Not only do they serve short term post hospital patients, but also offers long-term nursing services treating Alzheimer's... (read more)

M7 Prescribed for Improved Patient Care

With about 500 healthcare centers throughout the nation, a leading healthcare provider needed to find a solution to improve patient check-in and billing procedures. Specifically, the healthcare provider needed to decrease wait times for patient check in, improve billing accuracy and automate patient co-pays, and provide multilingual access, directions and other pertinent information. In an effort to streamline patient care, this healthcare provider decided to implement standalone... (read more)

Home Company Products Industries Resource Center News & Events Support Contact M5 Enables Mobile Point-of-Care Applications

Healthcare facilities like hospital emergency rooms, urgent care centers, nursing homes, and retail health clinics can be chaotic. Healthcare providers need to be able to handle a wide range of health conditions and treat patients in an efficient and effective manner. Traditionally, physicians have used pen and paper to access and manage patient information. However, with the increased use of technology, healthcare facilities are turning to mobile point-of-care carts with electronic... (read more)

Touch based Patient Check In Solution Is the Cure for Operational Inefficiency

Allergy Associates, a St. Petersburg Florida based medical practice, was looking for a more effective way to improve patient check in at their medical facility. On average, the multi-doctor practice processes 150 to 280 patients per day. With the role of technology in medical practices becoming crucial, practices are looking for new and innovative ways to improve the speed and efficiency of patient care. After researching many alternatives to improve operational efficiency,... (read more)

Pioneer POS and Medical Check In Are the Right Prescription For Streamlining Patient Check In

January 2010- Medical Check In Systems Inc., a leading provider of HIPPA compliant Patient Check In Software, announced that it’s software has been tested and is compatible with the StealthTouch Series from Pioneer POS. The combination of Pioneer POS all-in-one touch computers with Medical Check In software is a reliable solution that is ideal for streamlining the patient... (read more)