September 2011 – The Arianna Bakery is a restaurant-bakery that has been serving up the best Cuban baked goods, pastries and pan con bistec (a pressed flanked steak sandwich) to grateful customers for miles around in Southern Florida. When you serve food this delicious and of this high quality, you need a quality POS system that fits the bill when your business is growing the rate that the Arianna Bakery’s has been over the last 13 years.

When Arianna Bakery needed help with the speed of their customer transactions, they called on Miami based ProsPay for their comprehensive line of payment processing solutions in to get their POS needs in order. Orlando Alvarez, CEO of Miami, FL based ProsPay said that they initially had installed the Posiflex KS6200 with the PC America’s Restaurant Pro software for the bakery, but the hardware was too slow for the amount of customer traffic in the store. When this became too much of a problem for them to handle, they needed a solution….

The Pioneer POS S-Line with integrated Epson printer was all that was needed. The hardware specifications of the Pioneer systems worked without a glitch with the PC America Restaurant Pro software. The Pioneer S-Lines not only increased counter space, but combined with the ease of the pcAmerica Restaurant Pro software bundle and ProsPay was able to restore employee management as well as order tracking. Orlando said that not only did the installation of the Pioneer terminals go smoothly, but the Pioneer S-Line’s and PC America software worked “perfectly” and improved the speed and efficiency of the bakery-restaurant transactions…

Both productivity and profitably increased due to the installation, and the bakery was able to manage employees, sales and inventory while reducing the footprint of their POS systems. The often overlooked benefit of increased counter space due to the configuration of the S-Line led to increased speed at checkout time. Just the solution the Arianna Bakery was looking for.

When asked about Pioneer POS benefits after the install, Orlando said that “Speed, accuracy, overall business management, reduced theft and increased productivity.” The installation took only one day to set up, and the Arianna Bakery was up and running the same day on the pcAmerica Restaurant software license.

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