With the weakened state of the current economy, auto dealerships like many other industries continue to struggle to meet sales expectations. And with fewer prospective customers coming through dealership doors, it is critical that the sales staff is performing at maximum potential.

Typically, auto dealerships have no organized or consistent process for handling prospective clients that come into the dealership. Therefore, multiple sales personnel wait at the front door or outside for their turn to handle the clients that slowly trickle in. However, this process is inefficient and wastes valuable time that can be spent on other sales activities.

For years Big Two, a Toyota and Scion dealership located in Chandler Arizona, has devoted much of their sales manager’s time to ensuring that they have an accurate count and equal assignment of all customers that come through the door. By implementing The Next Up software integrated onto the Stealth-M5, a 15” all-in-one touch computer from Pioneer POS, their dealership was able to instantly eliminate the need for this process to be performed manually. Developed as a web-based software application, The Next Up, enables both sales management and personnel to have real-time visibility via an internet browser and quickly identify who has the next prospect coming in the door. This visibility also empowers sales personnel to focus on other activities like setting up additional appointments, following up on customers from the previous day, and interacting with customer’s that are onsite for service related issues.

Studies show that the typical auto dealership currently sells a car to 12 to 15% of all new incoming clients. By implementing The Next Up, auto dealerships can typically expect an additional sales increase of 8 to 10%. If the average dealership sells 100 cars per month and has gross profit of $1,000 to $1,500 per sale, they can realize a tangible return on investment that adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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