May 2013 – For almost 45 years Capt. Benny’s has been a staple in the Houston, Texas area expanding to six locations across Houston and Austin. They are a very successful seafood concept restaurant chain that needed additional POS solutions to address food service and corporate above store reporting. Nancy Smith, Director of Sales-Eastern Region at Pioneer POS originally had met with locally based POS Partners to show them the Pioneer POS 15″ S-Line with an integrated EPSON® printer’s speed of operation. When POS Partners loaded the S-Line with RPOWER’s subscription software program they noted the processing speed, and Nancy took the unit to another Houston based dealer, Business Machines 2000. Jeff Weible, Executive V.P. of POS Partners POS division, said that “after an initial inquiry to POS Partners, Nancy helped arrange a meeting with POS Partners and Business Machines 2000 and the Capt. Benny’s relationship started.” Jeff also said that “Business Machines 2000, like many other dealers has a long list of customers that are very loyal because of their great service, but at the same time needed something else to fit their customers growing needs.” When Business Machines 2000 contacted Capt. Benny’s, they wanted a demo to set-up immediately.

Both POS Partners and Business Machines 2000 have a long history in the POS industry. “POS Partners has been a nationwide technology company that partners with POS dealers across the country, providing dealers with numerous software product options that help create multiple streams of recurring revenue to a dealership.” Jeff continued on that Business Machines 2000 “has over 40 years in business alone and is owned by J.D. McClung. Thanks to Nancy’s help the POS Partners team and Nancy helped drive Business Machines 2000 to win a sale that benefitted everyone involved.” Thanks to POS Partners and RPOWER software, “Capt. Benny’s will quickly realize a return on their investment with the great hardware pricing of the Pioneer POS S-Line, and the subscription model RPOWER software from POS Partners that helped Capt. Benny’s purchase a POS solution for all of their locations at once.”

Since the S-Line truly redefines the all-in-one design by integrating an Epson® thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer, it is second to none in the hospitality industry. Its compact design allows easy setup (watch video) and valuable counter space by reducing cable clutter and generating additional revenue. Jeff also added that “the ease of use and training assistance from POS Partners along with the 24/7 support made this an easy choice for Business Machines 2000 and Capt. Benny’s.” The S-Line patented tool-less ‘slider’ design is a prominent feature that allows the printer to be easily replaced in the field in about a couple minutes without affecting the entire system (watch video). The S-Line stands 15″ tall and 14.5″ wide (16.25″ with MSR), and will free up space beside your POS terminal by eliminating the need of an external printer.

“Pioneer POS gave Capt. Benny’s the technology needed to take a manual process, and allow for speed of service and real-time reporting capabilities they wanted and needed.” Jeff went on to say that “the low cost of ownership with Pioneer hardware and POS Partners subscription model enabled Captain Benny’s to implement this solution for all locations at once.” The installation and training itself for all six restaurant locations took only two weeks, and they were able to live in one month. Capt. Benny’s GM Hollis Harris said that “our big standout is the ability to get a product mix per server to recognize upsell of items such as appetizers.” Mr. Harris also said he thinks a realized 10% increase in revenue is possible simply by knowing what wait staff were not able to upsell, therefore being able to improve their and training processes to correct the problem.

When asked about Captain Benny’s ROI from the installation, Jeff said that “based on the monthly revenue average for all six stores, there has been a reduction in overall food cost of2-5% per location due to order, drink, and food requisition accuracy,” going on to say that, “and with controlled labor costs and improved management reporting and accountability, the corporate offices direct reporting is now real time (instead of a general manager having to drive to each location) on a daily basis.” With the Pioneer POS and RPOWER integration thanks to POS Partners and Business Machines 2000, it simply saves time and money. The Pioneer POS S-Line improved efficiency by being able to fit into small spaces as well with an integrated printer, which was also a great reason why Capt. Benny’s selected Pioneer POS products to accommodate their POS hardware needs. They now can use this space to generate additional revenue by displaying advertisements, selling merchandise, or numerous other hospitality functions.

The S-Line is not only ideal for restaurant, bar, and quick service POS, but also is an industry champion in retail POS, self-ordering kiosks, and queue management. With hardware from Pioneer POS, POS Partner’s processing, and the commanding RPOWER software it was a win-win-win situation. Jeff put it best concluding with “This is much more than a sale to an end user. It is years of relationships of how a manufactures representative recognized the needs of a dealer, and helped coordinate multiple companies together to win new business for all.”

About Pioneer POS

Pioneer POS Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of industry specific all in one computers, touch screen monitors, and kiosks. Founded in 1994 and based in California, Pioneer POS manufactures its solutions from start to finish in the USA which are deployed in Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, and Gaming applications. Pioneer POS has built an exceptional reputation with its customers and reseller partners for superior flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs including short lead times, long product life cycles (minimum of 5 years), easy customization, and quick turn around. Pioneer POS sells through qualified technology resellers throughout the US and globally.

About POS Partners

POS Partners LLC.  is a nationwide technology company that partners with POS dealers across the country, providing dealers with numerous software product options at “NO COST” that help create multiple streams of recurring revenue to a dealership. They are experts in helping win more business and making the most of each and every customer. “They are the Big Brother to many POS Companies that need a helping hand. They are also an acquirer of POS Companies and often are able to give a much better exit strategy to POS Dealers around the Country.


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