May 2011 – The Waymart Hotel Restaurant and Saloon in Waymart, PA has been in business since 1848. Although their clientele is no longer railroad workers building the nearby railroad, not much else has changed in the 160 + years since its founding. The Waymart’s pavilions are perfect for weddings and catered events a capacity for 150-200 people inside, and over 200 outside. As Waymart has increased their customer base, they noticed several issues arose due to these growing pains.

The Waymart Hotel listed erroneous addition on guest checks as well as incorrect ordering causing confusion in the kitchen, correct charging of modifiers, employee timekeeping/payroll errors and speed of service/accuracy as the main culprits. The distance of the seasonal bbq pit to the kitchen is 50 yards also caused servers to run orders in and check on them periodically delaying timely service. Checking and tracking customers’ purchase history and built-in marketing were also essential, and they realized they needed a solution.

Precision POS, restaurant technology experts based in Archbald, PA provided the key. The Waymart Hotel Restaurant and Saloon required six Pioneer POS 15” S-Lines, and one 15” Stealth M-5 with Dell server integrated with 5 Epson U220 printers (2 inside the kitchen, 1 each for the inside and outside bars and 1 for the outside bbq pit), one caller ID 2 line unit, 4 Battery Backups, a Switch, Router, Cat6 and 6 Cash Drawers. Seven Precision POS licenses were also integrated utilizing their Database, Inventory, and Telephone Manager software, as well as the Precision POS Alert Suite. This allowed for increased efficiencies in overall restaurant management for accurate ordering, timekeeping, telephone and customer management, sales analysis and theft control.

Gino Piccolino, President and Software Architect at Precision POS said that the “S-line units definitely exceeded all expectations. First, the units are compact and don’t take up much space. Four of Waymart’s units are stationary, and the other 3 are taken in and out of the bbq pit during the spring, summer and early fall seasons. Since they are so compact, wait staff with little computer experience could move the computers outside and connect them”. Gino went on to add that there were “very few times Pioneer POS had to be called because of technical issues, and the support team was very helpful and fast to a solution”.

In the end, the solution helped productivity and profitability immensely for the Waymart Hotel. Order entry is now typically less than 30 seconds and is 100% accurate. Everything runs through the POS system and every order is now accounted for, with upcharges for modifiers consistent, accurate and automatic. Timekeeping is tracked by a POS system whether an employee works from one, or up to 5 different positions within the restaurant. Accurate timekeeping also helped to increase profitability. All this and the Precision POS install took only 8 hours of training, with 2 days of live support. The Waymart employees practiced on it for about 1-2 weeks before going live.

Gino also mentioned that Waymart saw added value in table turnover, order speed and accuracy, telephone management and customer history (marketing) with the importance of accumulated data that the POS tracks. This allowed Waymart to analyze data looking for ways to improve business by helping with staffing, order timing and looking at their best selling orders to optimize the selling processes just to name a few. When asked if the client was satisfied with what both Pioneer POS and Precision POS brought to the table, Waymart said that “This system will pay for itself in no time”.

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