January 2014 – The Church on the Rock was started in a small warehouse facility in Lubbock, Texas in 1986. Beginning as a congregation of just over 30 people, the church quickly grew to over 200 members as well as having merged with another church. Now, the Church on the Rock has an average weekly attendance of over 900 people! The church quickly realized they needed to track what and when members and their children were in the church with a congregation that large and growing every year. Church Community Builder, Inc., based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado put it best concerning church communities that size and their operational concerns: “One of the most important operational needs faced is keeping up with who is in the church building, who is coming to events, and who is responsible for picking up children before and after the service.” With Church Community Builder’s newly designed Check-In Solution software and Pioneer POS StealthTouch-M7 hardware solution, it was the perfect fit for the Church on the Rocks’ check-in needs.

Dudley “Doug” Barber, Owner of Alpha And Omega Technologies, also located in Lubbock, said that the Church on the Rock “needed expanded check-in capabilities for their increasing attendance numbers. Average check-in time into the church was approximately six minutes waiting in line. The objective was to provide a timely check-in process to ensure that the same guardian that brought the child into the church is the same guardian that picks the child up. This prevents unauthorized people from gaining access to the child.” To streamline the check-in solution and compliment the robust Church Community Builder Check-In software, Doug used the Pioneer POS StealthTouch-M7, a 17″ All-in-one installed onto portable custom made kiosk stands. Doug also mentioned that the POS solution had to “improve speed of check in allowing parents and guardians to participate in church services, and give an overall greater sense of security for their children.” Doug continued on that “the church needed to operate kiosks for web-based check-in systems using bar code scanners to expedite children’s check-in by parents and guardians as well. This provided heightened security for the children since the children’s safety is paramount, and this technology provided a highly mobile solution that can be used anywhere along with the onsite kiosks.”

The StealthTouch-M7 is a 17″ All-in-one touchcomputer powered by Intel technology. This allows the M7 to meet the most demanding applications. Understanding that one product will not fit all needs, Doug utilized the M7’s versatile design and easy customization to meet the church’s budget and kiosk requirements (specifically its mounting options, processing speed, memory size, operating systems, touch technology, and integrated peripherals). Many of the M7’s other benefits include a 17″ bright display with built-in privacy filter option and check-in functionality from a touchscreen compatible terminal…perfect for the Pioneer POS M7. The Church Community Builder check-in software worked seamlessly since it has a newly reorganized interface optimized for touchscreen and tablet devices, customizable backgrounds for each church’s check-in experience, and improved search functionality to find members by using a name, phone number, or barcode. The M7 also has a rugged enclosure with spill-resistance, blazing network, 10/100/1000BaseT, with wireless (WiFi) optional, plenty of connectivity with 1 Parallel, 4 Serial, 6 USB ports, 12-volts and 24-volts powered USB ports, and a second display port for advertisement on LCD or Plasma display for perfect integration with the check-in software. With Community Church Builder, the audit trail for a clear record of who picked up a child and when can is also tracked. The barcode scanning and text messaging capability were perfect for Church on the Rocks requirements for notification need for the child’s guardian.

When asked about the installations duration, Doug said that “the first stage was installed in just a day, with the remaining kiosks slated to be installed immediately after the remodel of the new children’s ministry center is completed.” Better yet, the terminals and software required no training “since the kiosk is set to automatically bring up the applicable software and the touch screen means minimal interaction with the system to produce a speedy process. They were immediately able to go live due to the wireless connections.” Doug added that many of the congregation’s parents could only say “WOW” that they didn’t have to wait in line at all anymore! Doug concluded that “although there is no fiscal ROI since these systems are for the use and convenience of the congregation that bring kids to church, they do provide peace of mind to parents that the Church on the Rock is doing everything necessary to provide a safe and secure environment for the kids.”

The children’s Pastor at Church on the Rock said it best in that “these screens are so much easier to read and so much faster as well! Average wait time to process check-ins went from four minutes to under one minute.” Thanks to Pioneer POS touchscreen terminals and Community Church Builders check-in software, Church on the Rocks congregation can rest easy when it comes to their community.

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