March 2011 – Back in the late 1980’s in Oklahoma City, OK, Mark Jahansouz founded Integrated Software Solutions Inc. (ISSI), and has since focused on the retail liquor point-of-sale industry. ISSI specializes in assisting some of the 600 Oklahoma retail liquor state-run liquor stores inventory needs which are controlled by state law. One of the larger issues retailers in the liquor industry face is the loading of initial data and the ability to search and send automated orders directly from the server to the wholesaler. The Matrix point-of-sale system that ISSI developed is the solution.

The Matrix point of sale system improves customer experience by decreasing time spent in line, improving inventory availability with timely ordering and control, and improving cash control on a day-to-day basis. Fast and smooth cash register functionality increases reliability to track customer history results with hassle-free inventory searches to find products in the store.

The heart of the Matrix software is a very sophisticated ordering system that creates and transmits orders to a local wholesaler after it is approved by the store operator. This saves the operator upwards of 2 to 3 hours a day when compared to a web or phone ordering process.

Since ISSI has started to sell the Pioneer POS S-line, ISSI’s target market phase one focus of their business is the retail liquor store industry in Oklahoma. The second phase is to expand the Matrix software into other states since most national retail liquor stores have the same or very similar problems. Other benefits to implementing the POS bundle include the ability to streamline the customer checkout process, electronic signature storage, and the compact footprint of the Pioneer POS touch system.

The point of sale Matrix software is included with the 15” S-Line, an all-in-one touch system with built-in 3” Epson® printer from Pioneer POS. By using the Matrix software and Pioneer POS S-line Mark said that the “S-Line gives Matrix Point-Of-Sale complete hardware and software integration to our clients,” going on to say there is a “Lack of connectivity between the wholesalers and retailers, that is the power of Matrix.” A number of the benefits are intangible to measure since the Matrix solution improves customer satisfaction and better control on theft and cash management. Simply put inventory and cash control improve customer satisfaction.

Retail liquor stores typically invest in 2 to 6 registers depending on the size of the store, with a dedicated server and laser printer per installation. Generally, there are one to two S-Line all-in-one touch systems with Matrix software per location. In addition, the S-Line is easy to use and simple to install normally taking about 3 to 5 days to mostly train and install the depending on the size of the store.

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About Pioneer POS

Pioneer POS Inc., founded in 1994, is headquartered in California, with offices in Asia, and distributors worldwide. We focus on designing and supplying integrated/embedded touch screen solutions for various industries such as hospitality, retail, gaming, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and kiosk. Recognized as a 2009 Best Channel Vendor and 2009 Best Channel Product by Business Solutions Magazine, the Pioneer POS product line includes touch monitors, all-in-one touch systems, and kiosks that are available in 12″, 15″, and 17″ display sizes. Our products are designed to have a longer shelf-life (a minimum of 3 years) and service-ability (a minimum of 5 years).

About Integrated Software Solutions Inc.

Integrated Software Solutions Inc., (ISSI) was formed in 1988 by Mark Jahansouz owner and operator. In the following year, ISSI was commissioned by one of their large clients to develop an integrated Accounting, Payroll, and Human Resources program to be designed specifically for the PEO industry. This level of cooperation resulted in the development and extensive testing of what is known today as StaffPay Software. Throughout the years with constant changes in Federal and State level changes, ISSI has remained at the forefront of computer technology for the PEO industry. At present, ISSI employs 5 full and part-time programmers and operating systems specialists for various projects in addition to a secure data center in Oklahoma City.

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