September 2013 – In southwest Oklahoma, there is a small town with a population of a little over 700 where the Triple C Grocery and Market is located in the town center right on Main Street. Established as a U.S. Army post in the 1850’s, Fort Cobb now has Triple C Grocery as its main post for not only groceries but just about anything else you may need. When Triple C recently underwent new ownership, they quickly realized that the needed a total revamp of their inventory management and check out systems at the store.

About an hour and half northeast in Oklahoma City, Triple C called upon Jerry Pierce, Director of Regional Sales at CRS of Oklahoma, known for helping businesses as the leading technology solutions provider for retail, fine dining, bars, nightclubs and quick service restaurants in the Oklahoma City area for over 25 years. Jerry said that the “new owner of Triple C was tired of their dated cash registers, and wanted more inventory control, as well as the ability to scan and have integrated credit card processing.” Not only was the manual check out process in need of an update, but Jerry also mentioned that in terms of inventory management, the Triple C’s “items were not tagged properly, and the cashiers did not know the correct prices.” With these POS concerns, it is a good thing there is a touchscreen manufacturer with the perfect solution for Triple C in Southern California based Pioneer POS, who understands that no customer is the same, and takes into account how you do business so you can have the best return on your investment.

Jerry and CRS of Oklahoma needed to know that Triple C was going to get the quality POS solutions they deserved since “Triple C Grocery felt that they were losing thousands of dollars a month without the ability to scan. The owner also felt that he could reduce payroll by using a shelf tag instead of pricing every item as they were received. On top of these two issues CRS was also able to reduce Triple C’s credit card fees by doing away with standalone terminals that were rented on a monthly basis.” That’s where the Pioneer POS 15″ Stealth-M5 and the ST-EP4 3″ Thermal Printer came into the picture, allowing Triple C Grocery to offer a bundled POS solution with outstanding bundle value and reliability. The Stealth-M5 is an all-in-one touchcomputer powered by Intel’s Atom, available up to Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz, and can be set up to run as a diskless and fanless thin client, reducing dust and grease intake and improving the life of the terminal.

Loaded with Logivision’s grocery store retail software, CRS was able to provide what Logivision does best with the M5 bundle, giving “grocery retailers who need to manage their business in today’s competitive world with inventory, ledger, and labeling modules, as well as accounts receivable processes.” Jerry added that “Logivision also helped in several different areas of the business including loss prevention, cashier errors, and the amount of time spent at the register for each customer.” The often overlooked benefit of increased counter space due to the configuration of the M5 led to increased speed at checkout time and both productivity and profitably increased significantly due to the installation.

The Stealth-M5 supports several touchscreen technologies to meet any installation requirement: Resistive, Intellitouch SAW, InfraRed, or Capacitive. Jerry went on to say that the Pioneer POS components “improved efficiency” thanks to the ST-EP4 thermal printer that offers an outstanding value and reliability for the retail environment. It is built with a world-class print mechanism to meet the high-volume printing applications, and has an MCBF of 60 million lines and an auto cutter life of 1.5 million cuts. When implemented with the Stealth-M5, the ST-EP4 offers unmatched bundle value since it has a compact footprint and can be vertically placed on the counter or mounted on the wall. It allows easy drop-in for paper loading, and takes a paper-roll diameter of 80mm. The ST-EP4 also prints texts and attention-grabbing logos at the same speed along with 1D and 2D barcodes, such as QR code that can be scanned by a smartphone linking to a promotional or survey website or digital coupons, perfect for any grocery retail environment big or small.

The installation took only three hours to complete and they were able to be trained in under five hours. The seven day launch time took longer than expected due to the entire grocery having to be scanned, but thanks to Pioneer POS and Logivision, Jerry said that “at the time of installation, Triple C felt that this system would pay for itself in less than 6 months.” Triple C was able to manage employees, sales, and inventory while reducing the footprint of their POS systems. Jerry concluded that Triple C was more than happy with the results of the installation, saying that not only did they immediately increase their profits, but now they have the ability to control real-time inventory levels backed up with real-time reporting, and the best part is there are no long lines to check out since the Pioneer POS terminals have significantly increased checkout time. Now all scanning, processing, labeling, and inventory control are automated and integrated making Triple C Grocery the place to be in Fort Cobb.

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