February 2015 – Pioneer POS and High Meadow Business Solutions recently teamed up to provide a solution for the American Diabetes Association (Association). The Association is a national organization dedicated to preventing and curing diabetes and to improving the lives of all people affected by diabetes. At their annual Scientific Sessions and other smaller meeting they run a bookstore and were in need of both hardware and software upgrades for their POS systems. Their POS solution at the time was difficult to update and did not provide meaningful reporting. In addition, they needed a good way to handle meeting registration and track the sales histories. Lastly, the Association needed a solution that would be mobile and allow them to move the equipment from meeting to meeting.

Pioneer POS’s S-Line and RetailEdge’s Mobile Island solution gave the Association the ability to push out pricing and inventory changes from the main office during the meeting, interface with their fulfillment center, capture attendees, and scan attendee badges at the time of sale. The S-Lines provided retail-hardened POS equipment with a compact footprint and included the peripheral receipt printers, and RetailEdge’s Island technology allowed the Association to manage the data securely on their internal networks (no cloud). When equipment arrived at the meeting, they were able to transfer all changes and updates out to the computers at the meeting locations. Greg Guthrie, Associate Director, Book Publishing, American Diabetes Association, said that “The RetailEdge system has allowed us to deploy a highly mobile, modern, and user-friendly retail operation solution. Training is simple. The mystery is taken out of processing transactions.” This system captures all sales transactions by customers and interfaces with the shipping fulfillment center for those customers who would prefer to have their purchases shipped. The Association was able to run a daily import of the updated meeting registration so that all customer badges could be scanned to speed up the process of attaching a customer to a sale.

The mobility of the S-Line in combination with RetailEdge’s Mobile Island technology allowed for ease of use in updating and tracking analytics for the Association. The Pioneer POS S-Line saves space using its all-in-one design by integrating an EPSON thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer. It has a bright display with a True Flat option and is powered by Intel’s Atom, up to 4th Generation of CORE i7. It runs most Windows operating systems and offers a wide range of integrated peripherals, such as magnetic stripe reader, biometric reader, barcode scanner, and secondary display. The S-Line also works seamlessly with POS software technologies like RetailEdge’s Mobile Island to provide low-cost solutions to fit nearly any POS need, including the particular needs of the Association.

The initial install took about 30 days from ordering equipment, building of the database, configuration, installation and onsite training. Each show now only takes about one day to get the POS solution up and running to update data, synchronize, and get the physical infrastructure up and running. Initial sales training took only a couple of hours. The training on structuring the data and building out the product went quickly as well. All in all, it took about a day to get all parties up to speed, and the entire project was less than 30 days.

The S-Line and RetailEdge software helped improve the efficiency of the sales experience for both the end user and the customer making the purchase at the meeting since they could now better determine that they had the data to back up what they thought was happening at the show. Mr. Guthrie concluded that “The easy availability of data analytics has further improved the flexibility of our retail needs.” The availability of a flexible and easy-to-use POS solution has never been more important than it is today with technological advancements happening so frequently, and Pioneer POS is ready to provide a solution, whatever the need may be.


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