March 2015 – Pioneer POS and High Meadow Business Solutions teamed up once again to streamline reporting and inventory management processes for West Coast Paddle Sports in San Diego. As one of the largest Stand-Up Paddle Board shops in the area, West Coast Paddle Sports carries all the premier brands and caters to all paddlers in and around San Diego County. Owner and Operator of West Coast Paddle Sports, Bob Long, realized they needed a software solution that not only was able to handle the complex size matrices involved in paddles, but also needed a solution that would tie into their website and show real-time inventory. In addition, they needed the ability to sell product at offsite events and still connect to their database in real-time.

Pioneer POS’s S-Line and RetailEdge’s Mobile Island gave West Coast Paddle Sports the ability to show up to an event and not only sell the product they are showing, but also capture the customer information and have the entire transaction synchronize back to the store’s database in real-time. Mr. Long said, “I not only know what I have in stock, but what is coming and how much I am going to need down the road.” Additionally, the EPSON printer built into the base of the Pioneer POS S-Line meant a speedy print process, and the small footprint allowed for products to be scanned easily. This solution improved the efficiency of the sales experience for both the end user and the customer making the purchase at the store.

The Pioneer POS S-Line has an incredibly small footprint and saves space using its all-in-one design by integrating an EPSON thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer. The bright display with a True Flat option is easy to view, and it is powered by Intel’s Atom, up to 4th Generation of CORE i7. It runs most Windows operating systems and offers a wide range of integrated peripherals, such as magnetic stripe reader, biometric reader, barcode scanner, and secondary display. The S-Line also works with POS software technologies like RetailEdge’s Mobile Island and others to provide solutions such inventory management and detailed sales reporting for businesses like West Coast Paddle Sports. Another major feature that is particularly beneficial for Mr. Long is the overall durability of the S-Line hardware. “Because we work in a sometimes wet environment, we needed equipment that could handle both a little sand and have a water-resistant screen. When checking in rentals, you tend to get a little dirty.”

With ordering equipment, building of the database, configuration, and installation, the entire process took less than 15 days with very limited training because of RetailEdge’s easy-to-use interface. This included all set up of hardware and training of staff as well. It took about one day to get all parties up to speed with training in regards to structuring the data and building out the inventory.

With the durability of the S-Line combined with RetailEdge’s Mobile Island technology, West Coast Paddle Sports is now able to capture all sales transactions by customers and also come back to cater to those customers by taking advantage of the robust reporting tools that RetailEdge has to offer. When Mr. Long realized the surfboard industry was changing in 2007, he knew he needed to change his business model and continue to streamline his already growing business. Pioneer POS is able to help businesses like West Coast Paddle Sports reach their fullest potential.


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