February 2014 – Another Florida yogurt franchise was in immediate need of fast self-serve POS check out help, and Roland Zagarrundo of MyPOSGeeks and Pioneer POS once again stepped up to the plate to help another newly established yogurt franchise called the YogurtSpot with their POS needs. Pioneer POS and their always dependable flagship terminal, the Pioneer POS S-Line with integrated Epson printer and Digital Dining restaurant management software was a ‘spot on’ match for what the franchise required. Roland, who has been a POS reseller with over a decade’s worth of experience at Texas and Florida based MyPOSGeeks, said that “the look and feel of the S-line was an eye catcher for YogurtSpot’s owner, as well as the software features that Digital Dining solution provided. Having three locations the software is able to provide closing report functionality from each location emailed to his phone on a daily basis, which was a huge requirement.” YogurtSpot offers “superior quality frozen yogurt that became a part of Miami Beach culture. Adults and kids come from all over the United States to try our unique taste of low-lactose and fat-free yogurt, and we constantly strive to introduce new flavors and enhance our customer experience”.

The basic technology function that Pioneer POS and Digital Dining were able to solve for YogurtSpot was “having the important overall button functionality they wanted, including not having to change price buttons for security was a key area that the owner preferred regarding the POS software,” Roland said. The Digital Dining quick service software combined with the Pioneer POS S-Line, and unrivaled POS industry knowledge from MyPOSGeeks was a dream for YogurtSpot. MyPOSGeeks also offers a wide spectrum of just about any POS application out in the market today, from digital menu boards and mobile handhelds, to customer self-ordering kiosks, and customer loyalty and reward programs perfect for this installation. The YogurtSpot franchise has grown faster than originally projected and now is able to introduce new flavors almost every month, and with Pioneer’s restaurant and quick-serve touch screen solution, the S-Line is perfect for YogurtSpot’s high volume touchscreen environment.

The S-Line redefines the all-in-one design by integrating an EPSON® thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer. Its compact design allows easy setup (watch video), and will save precious counter space, reduce cable clutter, last but not least, generate additional revenue. Partnering with Digital Dining, the S-Line and software are a ‘completely integrated restaurant management system’ with the S-Line’s bright 15″ display and Intel’s Atom, up to Core 2 Duo processor while running most Windows operating systems. The S-Line also offers a wide range of integrated peripherals that YogurtSpot utilized such as magnetic stripe readers and secondary displays, with other options that include biometric readers and barcode scanners. Additionally, Digital Dining modules allow on-line credit card authorization, labor scheduling, table management and reservations, and detailed inventory control. Mercury Payment Systems was also utilized for processing and gift card solutions in the installation, as well as an Avery Berkel scales for weighing final products for payment.

Roland also went on to say that the owner of the YogurtSpot “really liked the Pioneer S-Line unique look, which helped make the interior look very professional compared to other hardware units, and the Pioneer POS built-in finger print reader for security is a great feature”. When asked about what real return on investment they would expect from the installation, Roland said that “when we did the numbers it would cost a significant amount of money per terminal. With the current Pioneer POS solution we saved YogurtSpot almost forty percent on what they would have originally spent. Once construction was done at each site the store was able to go live very quickly.” He ended with addressing that training “was simple for staff; however manager training took slightly longer because he really wanted to know all the reports he can generate. He liked what he saw, and now is able to define any custom report he wants.” One more ‘spot on’ win for Pioneer POS in South Florida!

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