October 2014 – In eastern Kentucky near the Cumberland Plateau in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, there is a small town called Jackson that over 2,200 people call home. Jackson is the proud home of Tim Miller, Founder of Miller’s Corner Café that recently opened just west of the central business district. Miller’s Corner Café is unique in that it is a café that serves coffee, and baked goods, but also serves as a deli. From reading the restaurant reviews, Miller’s lattes, breads, baked goods, are just as famous as their pulled pork and Rueben sandwiches that seem to be some of the best in all of Kentucky. After just a few months of their opening this past summer, they already have over 1,200 likes on Facebook; all they need is a 1,000 more and sounds like the entirety of Breathitt County will be fans of Miller’s!

Miller’s was looking for a POS and merchant services solution that would be easy to install and service to support for their new opening. William C. Berry, Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations at Louisville, KY-based POS on Cloud said that, “Miller’s was looking for a cloud-based, state of the art POS solution which would allow him access to reporting, analytics, and the ability to monitor the business even when he was not in the café. To fulfill both the needs of a complete POS solution and a merchant services provider, POS on Cloud and Pioneer’s S-Line terminals was the logical choice.” POS on Cloud’s QSR and merchant solution immediately paid dividends for Miller’s Corner Café. From the start, both productivity and profitability have been easily maintained in that the POS on Cloud software is highly configurable, and personalized to the specific requirements for Miller’s POS system. The POS on Cloud software for QSR “offers in-depth modifiers, so you can set up your menu into the system with as little or as many modifiers as you choose for an item.” William said that, “Tim was also looking for something affordable and subscription based, so that he did not have a long term agreement for both POS and merchant services.” With the Pioneer POS S-Line terminal and the POS on Cloud solution, William said that it not only met but exceeded expectations.

With the Pioneer POS S-Line, replacing the paper is easy and works like a standard thermal printer. It allows the printer to be replaced in a matter of minutes without affecting the entire system (watch video). The S-Line (also available in the New Infinity model with a True Flat-zero bezel touch, powered by Intel’s 4th Generation Core series) is an all-in-one design and integrates the EPSON® thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer. The S-Lines compact design allows easy setup and saves much-needed counter space and reduces cable clutter. The S-Line loads the most commonly used paper size: 80mm (3 1/8″) wide by 80mm (3 1/8″) diameter and the printer prints at 250mm (9.8″), and has an auto-cutter which helps reduce paper jams. With POS on Cloud QSR software installed on the S-Line, Miller’s Corner Café employees can add dollar amounts for up-charges and can increase the speed of entry by allowing servers to tap modifiers on any item. POS on Cloud also offers a ‘Clouds Sales Trend Analysis View’ of sales trends in any time frame, making for a seamless solution for the reporting and analytics that Miller’s was looking for. Menu performance can also be monitored for inventory management so menu items can be added or removed, to keep them bestselling items top of mind for customers. William also added that, “Motorola, and APG hardware components were also used along with the Pioneer POS S-Line, and Cynergy Data-Priority Payments was the merchant provider with SureGate as the gateway.”

William concluded that “Miller’s employees were up in running in only two hours, with training taking half of that. They went live the minute they were ready.” Pioneer POS is the best in the industry for quick configuration of custom touch screen systems that can meet any application. With satisfied customers across eastern Kentucky and over 1,200 Facebook likes later, it can truly be said that Pioneer POS and POS on Cloud have put Mr. Miller and his Miller’s Corner Café officially on cloud nine! In terms of hardware dependability and software flexibility of their POS system, Tim now has the access he was looking for from anywhere at any time.

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