December 2010 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based BREC provides recreation and park services to county residents in the Parish of East Baton Rouge. Getting the job done is child’s play for the commission, thanks in part to a technology solution that includes hardware from Pioneer POS.

BREC originally relied on manual methods of handling a variety of functions, ranging from ringing up sales in its snack and golf pro shops, to processing program and class registrations, to everything in between. Three years ago, however, authorities concluded that this approach was no longer viable. Not only had parish (county) operations grown to exceed the overall capacity of the system; authorities had identified a clear need to improve customer service and financial accountability and reporting while simultaneously increasing staff productivity. Converting to an automated system, authorities concluded, was definitely in order.

Vermont Systems Inc. (VSI), a VAR and ISV headquartered in Essex Junction, Vermont, stepped up to the plate with a solution comprised of 53 Pioneer POS’ StealthTouch-M5 all-in-one touchcomputers and M5 monitors with integrated magnetic stripe readers and rear displays, plus cash drawers, printers, and bar code readers. Three software packages offered by VSI, RectTrac, GolfTrac, and WebTrac, were also part of the solution. BREC paid approximately $550,000 for the entire package, including software licenses, maintenance, and training.

The Pioneer POS hardware has allowed BREC to automate a wide variety of critical functions, among them registration/application acceptance, collection of payments for BREC-sponsored classes and programs as well as facilities rental; processing of pass memberships; photo ID card issuance; completion of point of sale transactions in the golf course pro shop and at snack bars; handling of golf tee-time reservations; and ticket sales. With paperwork and other manual tasks associated with these functions greatly eliminated, they can be completed in a fraction of the time previously required. Staff productivity has improved, with an unchanged number of BREC personnel able to accommodate an ever-rising volume of transactions initiated by a growing number of county residents.

Rapid completion of all functions enabled by the technology has improved customer service; for example, visitors experience shorter wait times to purchase tickets or sign up and pay for a parish-sponsored program. Moreover, financial and statistical reports are easy to generate, rendering them timelier; eliminating the “human factor” also reports are more accurate than their hand-created counterparts.

“As a result of these changes, revenues have increased tremendously and park operations have become more self-supporting,” said Robert Willey, President of Vermont Systems Inc.  “BREC is very happy with this outcome and anticipates continuing ROI increases each day for the foreseeable future.”

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About Pioneer POS

Pioneer POS Inc., founded in 1994, is headquartered in California, with offices in Asia, and distributors worldwide. We focus on designing and supplying integrated/embedded touch screen solutions for various industries such as hospitality, retail, gaming, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and kiosk. Recognized as a 2009 Best Channel Vendor and 2009 Best Channel Product by Business Solutions Magazine, the Pioneer POS product line includes touch monitors, all-in-one touch systems, and kiosks that are available in 12″, 15″, and 17″ display sizes. Our products are designed to have a longer shelf-life (a minimum of 3 years) and service-ability (a minimum of 5 years).

About Vermont Systems Inc.

Since 1988, Vermont Systems Inc. has specialized in developing fresh software products for managing recreation and parks operations for municipal, county, state and federal military governmental entities. VSI markets and fully supports this software primarily on a national basis. The software is also marketed to private businesses with similar needs, such as golf courses and fitness centers.

VSI is committed to providing high-quality application software and responsive customer support for recreation and parks departments and districts. VSI Support has built an excellent reputation for taking a very personal interest in each of our customers. Questions and enhancement requests are handled in a timely and caring manner. Our company philosophy begins with this very basic but vital concept – ‘Caring for Our Customers.’

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