February 2013 – The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority proudly promotes in their slogan that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” In the case of Pioneer POS, quite the opposite is true when their recent installation for Las Vegas-based Ayalas, Inc. came to fruition. Ayalas, Inc. is the owner and operator of mall concept stores and airport concessions primarily in the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, and the Denver International Airport (the nation’s 8th and 5th busiest airports respectively). Ayalas has “gained a reputation as a highly regarded operator of specialty retail shops, news-gift, and food and beverage outlets.” Dominique Lindsay, General Manager of Ayalas, said that “We have been in business for over 25 years, and now have over 100 employees.” Describing some of Ayalas’s business concepts, Dominique went on to say that “Tentation is a clothing and accessory concept specialty store that are in Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport and Las Vegas area malls, while iCandy is another successful candy store concept in both Denver’s International Airport and McCarran. Our third concept is called ‘RED’ which is a joint partnership between 7-Eleven and Coca-Cola in McCarran International Airport, as well as the airports Rent-A-Car Center down the road.” With such wide-ranging specialty retail concepts, Ayalas needed a customized POS solution, and called upon Southern California based Rapid POS, and owner Bart McCleskey to fit their POS retail needs.

Rapid POS is a point of sale reseller and systems integrator that provides “POS software and hardware, installation, training, and support for retail stores and restaurants in Southern California and Las Vegas area. From a single location or multiple locations, both retail and restaurant POS software, Rapid POS provides high-performance, flexible, and easy to use POS solutions” in both the retail and restaurant environments. When Rapid was called in to help with the installation for Ayalas, Bart decided that CounterPoint Retail POS Software by Radiant Systems (now NCR) was the way to go, since they have “been a certified CounterPoint POS partner for almost 20 years, so we know that this comprehensive package addresses every retail function.”

CounterPoint POS software can be fully integrated on any POS workstation to deliver almost any wide-ranging option you can think of for any retail environment. From management controls and reports to “help you operate your business profitably and securely” to inventory controls, CounterPoint can handle purchasing, receiving, and label printing. CounterPoint even stores any information required into a database for a fully functional CRM as well if needed. With CounterPoint POS software being fully customizable, sales history tracking can be exported into any graph, summary, or detail required, and offers an account interface that seamlessly works with any accounting package that can be dreamed up. CounterPoint POS even has e-commerce functionality if required to open any online store. Since Counterpoint POS software fit the customization required for Ayalas’s needs for their various retail concepts, they knew they needed a touchscreen that would fit the bill. Dominique said that Ayalas looked at several solutions, and “since we have many different types of concepts and each of those requires different methods of input such as scales, card readers, and multiple cash drawers, we custom build our hardware to ensure we can move all hardware between stores without issues of compatibility.” With those POS needs, only one POS hardware company would fit, and Dominique decided on the Pioneer POS TOM-M7 touchscreen would meet those strict requirements.

“As of today, the Pioneer products have met the standards we require. We’ve gone through 3 generations of touch screens and the Pioneer product is by far the best.” Dominique mentioned that “the unique thing that happened here is that we didn’t know Bart had a relationship with Pioneer.

Ayalas builds and uses our own hardware, and after extensive research, we decided (on our own) to use the Pioneer POS TOM-M7 17″ touchscreen monitor. Guess that looks good for you guys in that both Rapid POS (Bart) and Ayala’s came to the same conclusion (Pioneer screens are great!) without knowledge of the others research.” The TOM-M7 17″ Touch Monitor is the larger of the two touch monitors offered in the TOM product line, and offers rugged durability and spill resistance which are always staples associated with the Pioneer POS brand name. The TOM-M7 also supports several touch technologies (resistive, intellitouch, infrared, capacitive) to fit into any application, making it perfect for the numerous retail concept environments and customization Ayalas builds in-house. It also allows for seamless integration with additional devices without extra cables or power supplies. Add-on devices include magnetic card readers, barcode slot readers, fingerprint readers, and rear customer displays making the M7 the perfect choice for Ayalas.

The basic functionality of how the Pioneer POS hardware and CounterPoint POS software is very unique in Ayalas’s retail environments. Dominique explained that, “Other than the basic POS touchscreen used by our customer service reps, we require a second touchscreen (same model as the 1st) that faces the customer. This second screen facing the customer is split into 3 sections to accomplish three objectives; first, it works as an oversize ‘look back screen’, so customers are confident items are being rung up correctly. This raises customer confidence and lowers the possibility of associate theft. Secondly, we play 30-second video clips that reinforce the uniqueness of each concept along with an invitation for the customer to visit our websites. Lastly, we are working with our POS vendor to add a fun interactive section to the screen that will allow customers to make last-minute additions, such as adding popcorn or a map of Las Vegas to their purchase with the touch of a button. This non-verbal add-on sale is in addition to the great work our sales representatives do at checkout.” With Rapid POS and Pioneer’s help, Ayalas now currently has about 30 Pioneer POS TOM M7’s in use.

Dominique concluded that, “Since moving to the Pioneer POS touchscreens 12 months ago, we have had ZERO downtime, and the integrated card readers are both durable and well placed on the monitor’s bezel.” With training literally taking no time, Ayalas’s retail stores were able to go live without any issues thank to the seamless integration of both the CounterPoint POS software and Pioneer POS touchscreens. With this investment was Ayalas expecting improved efficiency and profitability? Dominique said that, “Once, we finalize the option for customers to add additional items to their order at the time of checkout, we expect this additional profit will more than exceed that cost of all of our hardware.”

A ringing endorsement from Ayalas we are proud of, so we couldn’t just let this success story ‘stay in Vegas’ and go unnoticed!

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