April 2015 – Cody and Samantha Carroll are the husband/wife team whose recent success in the New Roads, Louisiana area has led them to open their second restaurant, Sac-a-lait, in the historic warehouse district of New Orleans just last month. With this new and exciting venture came the need for a POS system/software combination that would be uniquely customized to fit the workflow and demands of a highly skilled staff. Pioneer POS partnered with Diner Data to provide a familiar solution to the Carrolls since they had already used an installation of this software in their first restaurant, Hot Tails. As the reigning “King and Queen of Louisiana Seafood,” the Carrolls were very meticulous in choosing each component of their new restaurant and decided that Dinerware would be the best solution to meet their customized specifications.

Pioneer POS’s all-in-one workstations housed the Dinerware software and allowed the team at Sac-a-lait to consolidate many functions of the business including time and attendance, cost control, and customer relationship management. Mr. Carroll said, “We had a proven formula using Dinerware at our first location. It was an easy decision, especially since Diner Data helped us combing incentives from Dinerware, Chase and Pioneer POS. The savings from the reduced credit card costs alone will offset the cost of the system much quicker than we had budgeted.” Dinerware 3.6 was installed with various preferred vendor partners using customized tweaks such as advanced options for ticket routing, sections, jobs and categories. Additionally, the software was customized to remove “to-go”, pickup, and online orders due to the nature of many delicately prepared items on the menu.

The Carrolls were able to make use of Pioneer POS’s StealthTouch-M5 all-in-one workstations with Dinerware to cover any digital data input and customer management applications that were needed. It is powered by Intel’s Core Pentium, available up to Core i7. Its versatile design allows it to be configured to meet application requirements and budget, and with its compact footprint, the M5 takes up very little countertop space. The integrated Pioneer POS Asterix ST-EP4 printers coupled with card processing over Chase Paymentech made payment input and receipt printing convenient, and the Dinerware software was able to integrate seamlessly with the other vendor components necessary for rewards credits, gift card management, and total payment processing. The implementation was more customized than that of similarly-sized restaurants concerning the “behind-the-scenes” networking due to the age and physical attributes of the space, but the Dinerware configuration in use optimizes the indoor seating of approximately 100 patrons. A dedicated back office fileserver is in use to guarantee efficiency for the operation, which also features an oyster bar.

“Our total cost of ownership will be much lower than other POS systems because of a better than expected purchase price and reduced credit card costs. Plus, with tie-ins to Harrah’s VIP list coming soon, we’ll be able to drive even more revenue from non-traditional sources,” said Mr. Carroll. With the unique installation, initial analysis indicates that this site will experience an extremely high credit-to-cash ratio, making processing a big factor. “Training time on our end was minimal (3-4 hours), as there were servers and management on hand from Hot Tails who played an active role in training the Sac-a-lait crew. Much of that time was used to focus on functions that were never applicable at Hot Tails,” Mr. Carroll concluded.

Aided by highly skilled management and staff, their countless accolades have drawn the attention and admiration of many while representing the State of Louisiana in various national culinary competitions and high-profile functions. And now they are able to continue growing their recognition and brand through the use of cost-efficient technologies like the Pioneer POS StealthTouch-M5 and Dinerware software solution.


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