In today’s economy, manufacturing and distribution companies are pressured to look for new and innovative ways to decrease lead time, improve product quality, and implement technology solutions to remain lean. As a result, the use of industrial touch screen monitors and shop floor touch computers is gaining in popularity as technology is used to meet objectives.

Pioneer Solution understands the need for reliable touch screen solutions that work in the most demanding and harsh industrial environments. And to meet the needs of our manufacturing organizations, we manufacture industrial touch screen monitors, ruggedized touch screen computers, and industrial kiosk solutions that are durable and able to withstand daily operations with minimal downtime. Whether you need to track materials, monitor production quality, manage labor, or provide self-service human resource functions, our industrial touch screen solutions help companies achieve better cost control, increased productivity, and improved customer service.

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Manufacturing Case Studies

Oil Plastics Manufacturer Gets Exact Fit with Pioneer POS and Exact Software

October 2015Pioneer POS has a number of resellers and vendors who rely on the consistency and dependability of Pioneer POS terminals for their clients. AbeTech, a barcode and RFID solutions provider, called upon Pioneer POS to deliver on a tried and tested product for the oil and gas manufacturing industry. A medium-sized molded products manufacturer for oilfield... (read more)

Retail Fulfillment No Longer Kept Under WRAP

July 2013 – WRAP Distribution, located in Oxfordshire, UK specializes in warehousing, fulfillment, and access to discounted mailing services for a diverse client base in the retail and non-retail sectors. Founded in 1999, WRAP’s goal has been to help growing companies to store products efficiently during their initial growth phase and to decrease or eliminate operational complications of picking, packing, and shipping for its retail partners. When WRAP needed help for their inventory... (read more)